2012 · Finished Object

12: Little Owl

This is the companion to the arigurumi octopus for the younger cousin. It has become a little bit of a running joke because it’s expression is less than intelligent (it’s known as Derp Owl). It was still a fun project though and again the recipient loved it (he refers to it as a penguin). I used leftover yarn from my sock monkey hat. He has a big head and very derpy eyes but I still think he’s cute.


Started: May 1st 2012
Finished: July 13th 2012
Yarn: Drops Andes
Hook: 6.5mm

2012 · Finished Object

11: Karibiner Flare

This was just a quick project to see if I could jazz up the karabiner I used for my keys with some spare yarn. It worked for a while but eventually the yarn broke and it unravelled. It was still an interesting experiment though.

Started: May 12th 2012
Finished: May 12th 2012
Yarn: King Cole Wicked
Hook: 3mm

2012 · Finished Object

10: Amigrumi Octopus

Having recently discovered crochet I was, pardon the pun, hooked. I received the yarn from this in an international yarn swap and I was SO SOFT! I knew we were going to be seeing my husband’s cousins in the summer so I decided I wanted to make them some toys. This octopus was for the older of them and is certainly… something. You can tell my crochet skills were still rudimentary! The eyes have lovely anchor buttons. Again I don’t have great pics because it was given away but the recipient really loved it which is nice.

Started: May 1 2012
Finished: May 7 2012
Yarn: Premier Yarns Deborah Norville Serenity Chunky Prints in Red Ochre and After Dark
Hook: 8mm

2012 · Finished Object

9: Sock Monkey Hat

This was my first foray into crochet. I was going to a convention in May and one of the actors there was very well known for wearing a sock monkey hat in one of his photo shoots. I, ever an obsessive fan, decided I needed one. I finished it with plenty of time (even though I actually had to make it a second time as the first on was WAY too big) and I wore it to the convention! While at an autograph signing he told me he liked my hat and when I proudly told him I made it myself he seemed to be impressed but that might be my crazy fangirl self projecting haha. It has a lot of really, really good memories attached to it. I wore it everywhere for months but it doesn’t see the light of day much anymore. I grew up and moved on from that particular fandom.

Started: April 17th 2012
Finished: April 19th 2012
Yarn: Drops Andes
Hook: 6.5mm

2012 · Finished Object

7: First Hat

My first attempt at a hat was Capucine. Not only my first attempt at a hat, but my first attempt at ribbing and knitting in the round. I’m not sure when I actually cast it on, but I did end up ripping it back and starting again because no one told me that when you transition between knitting and purling you need to move the yarn to the front/back. There were a lot of accidental yarn overs and yarn forwards. It was so frustrating! I was at my in-laws place for New Years that year and his Godmum was staying. She showed me how to fix it and also taught me how to cable. Not only that but she caught the fact I was twisting my purls too! She’s a genius knitter and I still refer to her as my Fairy Knitmother. It turns out that my forays into knitting and her helping me out inspired her to break out her needles again which is so lovely.

The hat is knit in yarn I was given as a present by my in-laws for my birthday in the October and it’s so soft and gorgeous. Unfortunately the hat does try and slurp itself off my head as I wear it so it needs to be tied which looks a bit ridiculous. I should probably invest in some hat clips or something, I have a few which could use them.

Started: January 8th 2012
Finished: January 10th 2012
Yarn: Malabrigo Chunky in Noviembre
Needles: Unknown

2011 · Finished Object

6: Super Chunky Scarf

For Christmas my dad had obviously picked up that I was knitting and rather enjoying it, so he got me some yarn and some needles. Some super chunky yarn and giant needles! He got me two balls of Gedifra Easy Wear and 19mm needles so I decided to knit myself a super chunky scarf. It turned out too short to really wear and also curls, in retrospect I’d probably have been better making a cowl, but I was a baby knitter and I had yarn and needles and nothing else to knit so I just cast on pretty much straight away. It’s still nice to have in my wardrobe as it reminds me of that lovely Christmas at home.


Started: Dec 25th 2011
Finished: Dec 26th 2011
Yarn: Gedifra Easy Wear, 2 skeins
Needles: 19mm

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3,4,5,8: Kindle Covers

This is actually 4 finished objects: My 3rd, 4th, 5th and 8th. They are all the same – kindle covers. I got a kindle for my birthday and Sam got one for Christmas so I knit them for us. Then other people started asking for them so I made 4 all in all. I would knit a square and a simple triangle decreased flap at the top, fold it and sew 2 edges. They were really simple and pretty quick. Again, I don’t have great photos of them. The first 3 are in the same colourway and the fourth is a different one which was specifically asked for. I don’t use mine anymore because I got given a hardback cover. I think Sam’s is around somewhere but he only uses it if he’s traveling with his kindle (he’s very good at smashing screens). I’m not sure if the other two are still used but the recipients were very happy when they got them.

Started: Nov 27th 2011
Finished: Nov 30th 2011
Yarn: Cygnet Seriously Chunky Macaw
Needles: 9mm

Started: Dec 7th 2011
Finished: Dec 10th 2011
Yarn: Cygnet Seriously Chunky Macaw
Needles: 9mm

Started: Dec 10th 2011
Finished: Dec 13th 2011
Yarn: Cygnet Seriously Chunky Macaw
Needles: 9mm

Started: Jan 21st 2012
Finished: Jan 21st 2012
Yarn: Cygnet Seriously Chunky Nightjar
Needles: 9mm

2011 · Finished Object

2: Chunky Fingerless Gloves

My second FO is a pair of mega chunky fingerless gloves. I found this mega colourful yarn and bought a bunch online and then had to figure out what to do with it. Unfortunately I have since lost them so I don’t have any decent pictures but I hope the terrible ones I took in bad light at least get the point across.

They are 100% acrylic so not the most pleasant feeling compared to wool but they were warm and got me through a couple of cold winters. These were also the first time I got a compliment on my knitting out in public! I was buying something and the cashier asked me where I got them. When I told her I knit them she was amazed and told me she loved them. It was a huge boost to my baby knitter self! To make them I used the same 9mm clover bamboo needles and basically knit a square and sewed up the sides, leaving a hold for my thumb. Mega simple.

Started: October 7th 2011
Finished: October 10th 2011
Yarn: Cygnet Seriously Chunky in Macaw
1.75 skeins, ~85m
Needles: 9mm clover bamboo

Ravelry notes
Cast on 25
Knit 20
Knit/Purl 11
Knit 6
Cast off

2011 · Finished Object

1: The First Project

I recently decided I’d like to revisit my old FOs. Luckily I am a bit obsessed with keeping everything up to date with as much information as possible on Ravelry and my wonderful friend Cia (who taught me to knit) introduced me to the site on Day 1 of my Knitting Adventures. My aim is to go through my FOs in chronological order of finishing.

The Scarf
It really is quite big

My first project was a scarf. I picked up seven (yes, seven) balls of Drops Eskimo, cast on and basically just knit garter stitch until I ran out. I used 9mm bamboo needles and I remember sitting in the armchair in the lounge at my husband’s grandparents house slooowwwwly working away at each stitch. As you can imagine, it turned out to be far, far too big to actually wear day to day. It is brilliant, however, if it’s an absolutely freezing clear day in winter. If there’s any hint of rain it’s not so good as my goodness, the yarn is felty. It’s a super chunky single ply so it’s to be expected really. Very smooshy.

What I love about this project is that you can see my tension and my knitting improve from one end of the scarf to the next. Sometimes when I look at something really technical or get scared of something knitting related I like to think back at it and remind myself that once I even struggled with the knit stitch. Even if I never really wear it, it’s still lovely to have in my wardrobe reminding me of a great day learning a new skill (which quickly became an obsession) with a friend.

Started: September 1st 2011
Finished: September 24th 2011
Yarn: 2 balls of Drops Eskimo in Pink/Brown Print
5 balls of Drops Eskimo in Khaki/Lime/Purple Print
345m yarn overall
Needles: 9mm Clover Bamboo