2012 · Finished Object

7: First Hat

My first attempt at a hat was Capucine. Not only my first attempt at a hat, but my first attempt at ribbing and knitting in the round. I’m not sure when I actually cast it on, but I did end up ripping it back and starting again because no one told me that when you transition between knitting and purling you need to move the yarn to the front/back. There were a lot of accidental yarn overs and yarn forwards. It was so frustrating! I was at my in-laws place for New Years that year and his Godmum was staying. She showed me how to fix it and also taught me how to cable. Not only that but she caught the fact I was twisting my purls too! She’s a genius knitter and I still refer to her as my Fairy Knitmother. It turns out that my forays into knitting and her helping me out inspired her to break out her needles again which is so lovely.

The hat is knit in yarn I was given as a present by my in-laws for my birthday in the October and it’s so soft and gorgeous. Unfortunately the hat does try and slurp itself off my head as I wear it so it needs to be tied which looks a bit ridiculous. I should probably invest in some hat clips or something, I have a few which could use them.

Started: January 8th 2012
Finished: January 10th 2012
Yarn: Malabrigo Chunky in Noviembre
Needles: Unknown


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