2012 · Finished Object

9: Sock Monkey Hat

This was my first foray into crochet. I was going to a convention in May and one of the actors there was very well known for wearing a sock monkey hat in one of his photo shoots. I, ever an obsessive fan, decided I needed one. I finished it with plenty of time (even though I actually had to make it a second time as the first on was WAY too big) and I wore it to the convention! While at an autograph signing he told me he liked my hat and when I proudly told him I made it myself he seemed to be impressed but that might be my crazy fangirl self projecting haha. It has a lot of really, really good memories attached to it. I wore it everywhere for months but it doesn’t see the light of day much anymore. I grew up and moved on from that particular fandom.

Started: April 17th 2012
Finished: April 19th 2012
Yarn: Drops Andes
Hook: 6.5mm


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