2013 · Finished Object

19: Hitchhiker Abstract

My first ever shawl! I knit this with a skein of Abstract Cat that I picked up at the first Glasgow School of Yarn (which fell over my birthday weekend, mwahaha). The yarn is absolutely stunning and the pattern was really simply but showed off the yarn spectacularly. It was my first major project so I remember taking a bit of a break before picking it up again to finish it. It was also the project I made my first project bag for, just a simple fleece drawstring bag. I vividly remember sitting in the garden of my husband’s grandparents house in the beautiful sun binding it off. I still don’t have good pictures of it because four years later it still isn’t blocked. Oops!

Started: Oct 28th 2012
Finished: July 15th 2013
Yarn: Abstract Cat merino sock
Needles: 3.5mm


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