2013 · Finished Object

21: Belle Cable Hat

This was another frog-and-restart project. I got the kit for this the first Christmas I started knitting, tried to start it with the help of my Fairy Knitmother (hence being taught how to cable) but it was a total mess and I got frustrated and put it away for almost two years. Eventually I rediscovered it, pulled it out and reknit it (correctly this time). I remember it being somewhat of a triumph for me! The yarn is so unbelievable soft, it’s like wearing a warm hug from a cloud on your head. It love it and wore it everywhere for weeks. It still gets worn here and there when it’s cold and I’m looking for something stylish and soft. The pattern is knit flat and I remember knitting it at work in the break room and people not believing me that it was going to end up being a hat. There’s a pattern for matching mitts in the kit, I might need to dig it out sometime.


Started: Sept 6th 2013
Finished: Oct 6th 2013
Yarn: Rowan Lima
Needles: 5mm


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