2013 · Finished Object

24: Warm Basic Hat

I whipped this hat up really quickly for a birthday trip – my in-laws took me and my husband up to Pitlochry to see the Enchanted Forest. It was amazing! I had bought the yarn at Glasgow School of Yarn a few days before and knew I needed a nice, simple warm hat for my trip so it was perfect. This one holds a memory of a not so great knitting interaction – I was knitting it at work and a colleague I had never interacted with asked me knit him one. I told him if he paid for it, advised a price (considering the yarn wasn’t cheap to begin with) and I remember him getting really angry at me and saying he’d be better just getting one at Primark. It shook me quite a bit at the time! Luckily the brilliant memories of the trip far outshine this interaction and I had a lot more responses ready for the same questions from then on.


Image may contain: tree, plant, night, sky, outdoor, nature and water

Started: Oct 21st 2013
Finished: Oct 22nd 2013
Yarn: Malabrigo Chunky
Needles: 4.5mm and 5.5mm


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