2014 · Finished Object

45: First Jumper

This. This was a loooong languishing project. I wanted to knit it for my dad’s 61st birthday (I started it days after his 60th so thought I had loads of time), he instead received it for Christmas just before his 63rd. Whoops! I got the back and one half of one sleeve done really quickly! I started the front but I just got lost. I wasn’t experienced enough and I put it down a few rows in and gave up. A couple of years later I picked it back up, ripped back the front, put my own cable designs on the front and flew through the rest of the jumper. My dad was on the phone when he opened it and was really surprised when I told him I’d knitted it! He absolutely loves it and it lives at the cottage he has in Donegal where the wind blows across the beach and you need something warm to venture out. I’m so glad he likes it, I’m just embarrassed it took so long!

It also probably doesn’t help that it’s HUGE. I made it probably 3 sizes bigger than it needs to be.

Started: Jan 18th 2012
Finished: Nov 1st 2014
Yarn: Hayfield Bonus Aran
Needles: 4.5mm, 6mm


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