2015 · Finished Object

50: Evenstar Shawl

This is probably my masterpiece. When I cast it on I had pretty much no experience with lace (even doing the first yo increases wrong, eep!) and I also had to put it down for a long, long time as I developed tendonitis. I started it almost two years ahead of when I needed it finished for and everyone was saying I had plenty of time etc. When I cast if off everyone was relieved as those same people were worried I’d never finish it! 2 skeins of yarn and 2800 beads, my first beads, my first provisional cast on, my first sideways border, my first low-stitch-count cast on in the round, my first twisted stitches, my first kitchener stitch, my first lifelines… and I finished it and I LOVE it. There were a few dropped stitches which almost made my heart stop but thank goodness for crochet hooks and lifelines. I was so ecstatic to wear it on my wedding day and I got complimented on it all day. I hope it becomes an heirloom. I’m never knitting another one again!

Started: Dec 3rd 2013
Finished: March 23rd 2015
Yarn: Dye For Yarn Merino Silk Cashmere
Needles: 2.75mm????


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