2016 · Finished Object

100: Gamaldags

I am super proud of this knit. I knit it for Edinburgh Yarn Festival and I just managed to get it off the needles and blocked in time. It’s a bit big and the neck is a bit wider than I’d like but it’s still great. I love the colours I chose and I am definitely going to reknit it in a combination of sizes so it fits – I usually don’t fit normal sizes as I am very much pear shaped and have a pretty big size different between my waist and hips. I’ve already worked out what bits of the pattern to do where so it is definitely on the list for the future. I also want to find some lovely properly woolly wool for it instead of the blend I used. It’s still definitely something I wear around the house a lot, I prefer pockets if I’m going to be out and about.

Oh! I forgot – I wore it to EYF and I actually got given a style award by Stephen and Penelope, I was so ecstatic! 😀

Started: February 11th 2016
Finished: March 8th 2016
Yarn: Hayfield Bonus Aran
Needles: 4mm, 4.5mm


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