2016 · Finished Object

114: Baa-ble Hat

And so the Christmas knitting began! I bought a lot of yarn intending to make loads of these but realised after making the first they may not go down so well with everyone. This one for my brother in law went down very well though! He wears it all the time, I’m so so glad he likes it. My husband was convinced he wouldn’t but I was pretty sure it’d be ok. I was right!

Started: October 16th 2016
Finished: October 23rd 2016
Yarn: Hayfield Bonus Aran and Hayfield Bonus DK
Needles: 3.5mm, 4mm


2 thoughts on “114: Baa-ble Hat

  1. I love baable hats. They’re incredibly cute, and because of the pattern, extraordinarily warm. I intend to make more of this with different colour combo. I am glad that your brother in law likes it, although to be honest it is hard to imagine anyone not liking such a cute hat x


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